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Consent Toolkit

Teaching healthy relationships when it has the greatest impact

The "Consent Toolkit" project is an educational toolkit designed to teach children in schools about healthy relationships and consent. It is available for free to educators and students, with the goal of promoting safer and respectful relationships for all.

New South Wales Consent Laws Review

'Consent in relation to sexual offences'

In 2018, the advocacy of Saxon Mullins, Director of Advocacy at Rape and Sexual Assault Research and Advocacy, led to the referral of consent law to the New South Wales Law Reform Commission for review by the Attorney-General of NSW, Mark Speakman. This review resulted in the implementation of affirmative consent laws in NSW.

Queensland Review

'Consent and mistake of fact'

Rape and Sexual Assault Research and Advocacy's Director of Research, Professor Jonathan Crowe, and author Bri Lee, successfully advocated for a review of the "mistake of fact" excuse in relation to rape law in Queensland.

Sexual Violence Prevention Hub

Comprehensive relationships and sexuality education is a proven protective factor in safeguarding sexual wellbeing, and a key part of any sexual violence prevention strategy.

The Churchill Fellowship report "Ignorance is not Innocence: safeguarding sexual wellbeing through relationships and sex education" details findings from research on best practice for relationships and sex education and implementation strategy. The RASARA advocacy group promotes comprehensive relationships and sex education as a means to reduce sexual violence and improve sexual health outcomes for all young people.

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