Consent Toolkit

The "Consent Toolkit" project is an educational toolkit designed to teach children in schools about healthy relationships and consent. It is available for free to educators and students, with the goal of promoting safer and respectful relationships for all.

This toolkit contains three modules relating to sexual consent: consent, communication and confidence. It also includes a series of worksheets, as well as a resource list. The worksheets can be downloaded individually within each section, or a complete copy of the toolkit, worksheets, resources, and social media links is available below.

The toolkit is designed for young people, their parents and their educators, as well as anyone who wants to learn more about the law on sexual consent and communicating about sex with confidence.

The modules and worksheets can be used for self-guided learning, but they are also designed to form the basis for group discussions. Participants should work through each section, then complete the corresponding worksheet and discuss their responses with the group.

It is important that group discussion is voluntary, so nobody feels pressured to share personal information. Content warnings should be provided (like the one at the start of this toolkit) and participants should be encouraged to enter and leave the space as they choose. Any participants who experience distress may be referred to the support services in the additional resources below.